Naturally designed
and beautifully crafted


The Source

Wood for our Live edge table comes from various and sometimes unexpected sources. By establishing connection with wood yards, arborists and wood suppliers from the UK as well as overseas we get access to the most unique pieces found.

The wood

Traditionally the most characterful pieces of solid wood are used to create Live edge furniture. We work with Black walnut, English Oak, Yew tree, Beech, Cherry tree among others.


You do not design a live edge table, you observe the natural beauty of wood, then using various woodworking techniques, bring out the character and make it silk smooth.
No technical drawings, no mood boards, just inspiration from nature, environment and people. Needless to say that each table is unique and will last for generations.


Each Live edge table is unique and almost like a living organism requires care to sustain its natural beauty. It often requires adjusting to its new environment. When ordering a Live edge table we will provide you with an after care kit and a manual specific to the wood species and design.

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